James Van Der Beek Emoticons Spice Up Communication

by Ross Kenneth Urken · January 5, 2011

    Verbal communication can be difficult in our tech-saturated world. Words sometimes are not adequate in a quick email or blog comment post to convey the subtleties of your message. Fear not, though. Everybody's favorite Dawson has answers.

    Cue Vandermemes.

    Rather than your inconsequential smiley face, Van Der Beek augments the authenticity of the emotion through clips of his character from Dawson's Creek. This may stoke, in the smithy of your soul, extreme middle school nostalgia.

    A crying Van Der--after his character is dumped by Katie Holmes's--can bring you added sensitivity, and his "eager beaver" eye bulge can help you express your excitement.

    Vandermemes from James Van Der Beek

    [Image via TV Fanatic]