Jill Kargman's Got A Super Important (& Hilariously Charming) Message To Share

by Christie Grimm · December 18, 2018

    Few things are scarier than the word cancer. And though it's the last thing anyone ever wants to hear out of a doctors mouth, countless people do, every day. 

    SurvivorNet is the OWN network of cancer - an amazing community of videos providing patients and their loved ones expert information, incredible resources, and a way to share stories. One of our favorite New Yorkers, Jill Kargman, just spoke exclusively with the site, following her own struggle with cancer and subsequent double mastectomy. 

    "I have new boobs," says Kargman. "With no scars. They look really fake, but who cares? And I got to keep my nips!"

    Talking everything from her new boobs and her friendship with Drew Barrymore, to buying a gun to feel stronger, and that time a dermatologist mansplained her and brushed aside what would eventually be a mole diagnosed as a rare skin cancer, called amelanotic melanoma, Jill's videos are not only super important to hear and watch, they're funny as hell. Click HERE to see her full story!

    [Photo via Getty]