John Cena Is The Fit Chick-Loving Feminist We Need

by Stephanie Maida · January 24, 2017

    John Cena may be a buff bro icon, but the WWE star and brand ambassador for activewear label Tapout, is all about strong women. After all, he's had a well-publicized longterm relationship with fellow wrestler Nikki Bella, and if any gal can kick some butt, it's her. 

    At a recent launch event for the brand at NYC workout studio Tapout Fitness, Cena shared his thoughts on the #FitChick and #GirlsWhoLift phenomenon. The latter hashtag garners over 13 million posts on Instagram, proving that the stigma against female bodybuilders and the way women workout has shifted. When asked, he said he thought the movement was "wonderful."

    "Why tell someone they can’t do something because it’s not typically feminine? Who is to define what is typically feminine? I think it’s wonderful. If someone has a gift at being overly strong, or someone has a passion [they should do it]...why should [gender] define what I do and what I don’t?"

    Preach, Mr. Cena. Also take note of this tweet in praise of the Women's March on Saturday. 

    [Photo via @tapout]