Justin Long Gets It On On West 4th Street

by Chiara Atik · June 16, 2010

    We really like Justin Long, mostly because Justin Long really likes our dog. (No, really--he stopped us on the street once because he recognized Stanley. And we were like, WE recognize YOU, Justin Long.) Anyway, after reviewing these pictures, we found ourselves asking the question: "Is Justin Long still dating Drew Barrymore? Or is he just dating all of New York City?"-

    Apparently, our boy Justin was walking down West Fourth and got mobbed by fans. He happily posed with a ton of them (we wonder if any of them realized they were being shot by Terry Richardson, or if they were too busy basking in the glow of the Mac Guy).

    Some celebs get shy with people on the street; Justin Long gets it on with people on the street.

    Like this girl.

    And this guy.

    And Jason Sudekis.

    The fans kept coming...

    And J-Dawg kept posing...

    And when the last of the demanding fans had been satisfied, Justin did what any reticent, publicity-shy celebrity would do.

    He took off his pants.

    [All photos by Terry Richardson]