Kate Hudson And Ginnifer Goodwin Act Like Gangbusters At Spring Lounge

by SUSANNAH LONG · April 29, 2010

    Famed A-Rod gal pal (and, you know, Oscar-nominated actress) Kate Hudson and less-famed Big Love Dumb Wife Ginnifer Goodwin were at Soho's Spring Lounge, shooting a scene for the upcoming flick "Something Borrowed". Actors acting! In our own backyard!-

    According to IMDB, John Krasinski is also in the movie. Well, damn. We were psyched to see Kate and Ginnifer hanging (read: working) at our favorite spot for 8 am beer, but now we're just disappointed that Kras-Kras isn't there. That leaves a foul taste in our mouth that only the Lounge's fat tap roster can erase.

    Partially invisible maidservants dress Kate, just like in a fairytale.

    The disembodied hands have done their job well; Kate's hair and shoulders are impeccable. And shoulders are so tricky to style, too. The director (or asst. director or junior movieman or whoever he is) looks on in envy.

    This is dramatic versatility: Pensiveness . . . . . Delight!

    Kate's recent implants (make that rumored implants) also made an appearance. As you can see on the right, the wardrobe department took full advantage of this.

    Mad props (HA PUN PUN PUN), Spring Lounge!

    [All photos courtesy of Bauer Griffin via Zimbio]