Why Kendall Jenner's "Woke" Pepsi Ad Is Actually The Worst

by Millie Moore · April 5, 2017

    You guys, it's over. The entropy of our country's moral fiber, the flagrant social injustices, the inundation of hate...it's all over. Trump didn't suddenly step down as President and Putin didn't get overthrown. So what can we attribute this revolution to?

    Kendall Jenner's new ad for Pepsi!

    You heard us correctly: Kendall, easily the least controversial Jenner-Kardashian, solved social injustice with a can of the poor man's Coke. 

    Seriously, what were they thinking? Capitalizing off of the influx of social injustice is kinda icky (looking at you, Uber), but glamorizing it to the extent this commercial has done is just cheap. We can't really blame our girl Kendall too much for the commercial - it's not like she wrote it. She also confirmed yesterday that she's been dating A$AP Rocky after almost a year of speculation, so we're guessing she really wants us to forget about this commercial by distracting us with her love life. Pepsi initially stood by their ad because there's no such thing as bad publicity, right? However, they eventually caved into the backlash and have reportedly pulled it. Maybe it's time to call in Britney for one of her iconic commercials

    But hey, with every tone deaf transgression corporate America makes, entertaining tweets are to follow. Check out some hilarious reactions to this whole fiasco below. 

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