Lindsay And Ali Lohan's Excellent Adventure

by Chiara Atik · January 6, 2010

    Yesterday, the sisters Lohan packed their bags after two luxurious weeks in St.Barts and headed back to New York. But then? Disaster struck. Read what happened, in the words of the fearless freckled one herself...-

    The pair arrived at St.Barts airport yesterday, ready to hop on a flight to Charlotte, North Carolina, where they would catch a connecting flight to NYC. At first all seemed well, until this first ominous tweet from Lindsay.

    @LindsayLohan Us Airways-don't fly them.

    Uh-oh! So what happened?

    @LindsayLohan I got stuck in St Barths because of no available outgoing flights! Then we were at our connection flight back 2 NY

    @Lindsay Lohan So then, airline "SAYS" the flight was delayed, and IT WASN'T-so we of course, what happens next? We miss the flight last night-LAST 1!!!!

    So there they were, stranded in North Carolina. Most people would head to the first Comfort Inn and take a flight out in the morning, but obviously this is unacceptable for the Lohan sisters, because, Charlotte, NC? Do they even HAVE clubs there?

    @LindsayLohan What happens next....? Me, my sis&fam friend refuse2stay in Charlotte, North Carolina&rent a car!

    So the sisters, along with their unnamed adult male companion (who matches his shoes to his shirt?) headed to the Hertz booth for their getaway car.

    @LindsayLohan Oh... May Hertz Rentals have a wonderful year, just for our services home! Lol* and dunkin donuts for coffee keeping our friend awake2drive!

    Who knew the Lohans run on Dunkin?

    The three entertained themselves on the 10 hour road trip by listening to Adam Lambert music...

    @LindsayLohan "Whattaya Want From Me" @adamlambert ahhhhhhh I loooove on this. Unexpected road trip, now "man in a suitcase" the police lol

    Enjoying the benefits of Sirius radio...

    @LindsayLohan Oh and sirius radio has MAJORLY helped...... Not enough sleep yet-delirious, yes I am..... Night night all :) lol wow been a long one!*

    Creepily watching each other sleep...

    @LindsayLohan My sister looks like a beautiful little precious angel sleeping in the back seat :) ** my turn to sleep

    and taking beautiful photos of.....the highway at night? It's unclear. Seriously her clothing designs are amazing compared to her photography.

    Nothing has been tweeted since about 8 hours ago, so it can be assumed that the intrepid trio made it to their destination of NYC.

    What an adventure!

    [Images via Getty and Twitter].