Lindsay Lohan's Invite To The Costume Institute Gala Got Lost In The Mail

by Chiara Atik · May 4, 2010

    Did Lindsay Lohan get snubbed from the Costume Institute Gala this year? The star attended the ball in 2007, but was noticeably (and probably understandably) absent from last night's event, despite definitely being in New York. She even took to her Twitter about it...-

    Yesterday afternoon, while Derek Blasberg was excitedly tweeting about Lady Gaga, Lindsay sent him the following message:

    @lindsaylohan @derekblasberg sad i'm not going to be at the met gala with you as my arm candy :(

    Oh, erhm, right...he'll miss you too, Lindsay!

    He must have responded to her privately, because it doesn't show up on his twitter feed, but a few hours later she tweeted at him again:

    @lindsaylohan @derekblasberg but i'm not there and i change at least 3 to 4 times a night baby!

    Yeah, awwwwk-warrrrdddd.

    So what did Lindsay do last night?

    @lindsaylohan oh, mother daughter we go lol

    Hanging out with Dina Lohan=JUST as fun as the Costume Institute Gala, you guys!

    [Photo via NY Mag]