Please Enjoy These Screenshots Of Mary-Kate Olsen's Zoom Divorce Hearing

by Stephanie Maida · January 14, 2021

    In the midst of President Trump's second impeachment and the shitshow that has already been 2021, we present to you a palate cleanser: Mary-Kate Olsen's digital divorce hearing held on Zoom.

    Whether or not intentional, the overall scene is presented in the soothing, muted tones signature to Olsen. Simple, clean white backgrounds, lots of black clothes - the whole thing is giving us "The Row Lookbook S/S 2021." Truly iconic.

    During the Wednesday proceedings, Olsen and her soon-to-be ex-husband Olivier Sarkozy confirmed (via their lawyers) that they had come to an agreement and were ready to finalize things. While the specific details of the so-called agreement weren't discussed, we do know that there was an "ironclad prenup" in place, as well as some contention over the couple's $13.5 million townhouse located in NYC.

    A few other takeaways? MK apparently had some technical difficulties when signing in, and could be heard saying during her struggle, "Guys, I need help up here. Can you hear me? I am so sorry, I'm trying to do this on two computers, I don't know what's happening." (Stars, they really are just like us!) Also, Sarkozy seems to have leaned in to the whole "50-year-old man's Facebook profile pic" angle, which we love for him.

    And just because we know you're wondering, no, that is not Barbara Streisand. 

    [Photo via Molly Crane-Newman]