Sally Draper, Starting To Show Her Age...

by Chiara Atik · July 26, 2010

    Kiernan Shipka, the actress who plays little Sally Draper on Mad Men, may be 11 years old in human age, but she's like 17 in young starlet years. (By the same scale, 16 year old Taylor Momsen is 28, and Lindsay Lohan is like, 60. Now you know.) So what early signs of Child Star Syndrome can we detect in Kiernan?-

    On the show, Kiernan is stuck wearing braids and embarrassing pantaloon pajamas. She's started to make up for this humiliation, however, by showing up to red carpets with teased, bed-head hair and corsetted Alice + Olivia dresses.

    Kiernan Shipka, dressing her human age at left, and her actress age at right.

    Sometimes, she eschews the teasing comb in favor of a more sophisticated, upswept hairdo that seems more Betty Draper than Sally Draper. Not even normal Housewife Betty Draper. Sexy, Went-To-A-Hairdresser-In-Rome Betty Draper.

    Oh, and also there's this:

    Here she is in Interview Magazine, decked out in Burberry, paired with some Choos. SHE IS ELEVEN.

    She tells Interview,

    "Well, I love Chanel-I think they have some amazing pieces."

    You know what else has "amazing pieces"? The Limited Too.

    [Images via the slightly weird "Kiernan Keepsake"]