Sarah Jessica Parker Films Sex And The City Sequel

by ANTHONY NATOLI · September 1, 2009

    Every now and again it is important to take a minute admire those aging actors and actresses who have managed to preserve their youthful exuberance and classic beauty despite years of parenting, working in Hollywood, and relationships with heroin addicts; case in point - Sarah Jessica Parker.

    The forty-four year old mother of three looks absolutely stunning in her white dress on the set of Sex and the City 2, the sequel to the film that put American Idol winner Jennifer Hudson on the map as a serious actress.  The movie is set to premiere in May of 2010 and might even feature some beautiful New York faces as well, thanks to the open casting call that took place earlier this month...


    Still I wonder what SJP's wrinkle fighting secret is.  I hear she ritualistically dips her face into an industrial size vat of Olay Regenerist anti-again cream before bed every night, but that's just hearsay, I hope...

    [Photos via Getty].