Taradise Lost..And Found

by Chiara Atik · July 27, 2009

    There are few sights as heartwarming as that of Tara Reid chain-smoking next to someone's foot on an enormous yacht in St.Tropez.

    It's really good to know that after decades of honest, hard work, one of America's most respected actresses, Ms.Reid is finally taking a much-deserved break. Dame Tara Reid (Can we call her that? ) is awaiting the launch of her eagerly awaited Ed Hardy collection, a coup for any serious designer. Is the star nervous about her collection debuting along the same time as the revered Jon Gosselin's own Ed Hardy line? It's hard to say, but if she's worried about her reputation being on the line, she's certainly hiding it well from the paps in France, and turning St.Tropez into a "Taradise" like only she can. Take a look...

    That's Roberto Cavalli that Tara is hugging. Rumor has it that he just viewed her Ed Hardy sketches, and was overcome by the simple, understated elegance of her designs. How fortunate that there were 50 or so paparazzi around to capture the tender moment between geniuses.

    Here is our teetotaller, refusing a drink. It is a well-known fact that Ms.Reid rarely imbibes, and is careful not to be shown drinking in photographs in order to protect her wholesome image...

    That is a can of...something not at all alcoholic.

    Tara, deep in contemplation.

    Always conscious of being a role-model, Tara knows it's safety first!

    Uhm...they're clove cigarettes. Clearly.

    A tender moment between sweethearts.

    Poor Tara! If she had known that the paparazzi on the boat hovering 20 ft away could SEE her, she certainly wouldn't have gone for such public displays of affection!

    Such a big boat for such a small celebrity girl woman in her mid-thirties