Terry Richardson & Dree Hemingway Help Justin Bieber Launch Fragrance Campaign

by Mara Siegler · May 24, 2011

    Justin Bieber's new ad and commercial for his fragrance "Someday" was just released! The print ad, shot by Terry Richardson, stars the Biebs, 17,  and Dree Hemingway, 25, in some sort of whispery, illicit cougar romance.  The commercial is also pretty hot if your a hormonal pre-teen with Peter Pan notions about love.

    AHHHH!!! OMFG! It's like, I can't, just...breathe. OK.

    Justin's team has positioned him as the stud his legion believes he is, but is this a wise choice? Justin's teen girl army is more possessive of him than they are with other stars. Why? He owns the Internet. He uses Twitter and other social networks to allow fans to feel like they actually know him. They have a chance to marry him atop unicorns in their pink princess castle (little girls are still into that kind of thing, right?)!

    I'm old enough to have a driver's license so JB does nothing for me, but I do remember how powerful a crush can be when you are young. Corey Haim Tiger Beat posters hung proudly in my locker, but I never felt like I knew him or would actually have the chance to meet him.  When he dated Nicole Eggert I didn't  think of prank calling or harassing her. I didn't even want to send her a note written in bubble letters calling her a bitch.

    Almost every girl Justin has dated in real life has received death threats after even the slightest public show of affection. We hope his army lays easy on Dree. So far no one has called her out on Twitter, but the day is young.

    Using Dree and Terry Richardson is a wise choice, at least in terms of peaking interest from an older audience and the media. They are both names that carry the cachet of "hip," and draw attention from those who may otherwise discard this news as quickly as they would any other Bieber-related headlines.

    Bieber’s camp has also created a YouTube channel for the fragrance, which currently features the commercial for the fragrance and a behind-the-scenes making-of clip. It's pretty dreamy , especially if you are a a young girl. Love can give you wings, kids. Never let go.

    Never! Let! Go!