The One Person Anna Wintour Would Never Invite Back To The Met Gala?

by Christie Grimm · October 26, 2017

    Well wouldn't you like to know? 

    In her thrilling second round of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" with James Corden, Anna Wintour thankfully found herself between a rock and a not so hard place. With a plate of pickled pigs feet awaiting her appetite should she find herself too proper to answer the host's posing question, Miss Vogue didn't have to think for a second when asked, "You famously host the celebrated Met Gala that takes place in Manhattan each year. Celebrities from all walks of life are desperate to get a ticket. Everyone from Beyonce to George Clooney trends. So my question is, who would you never invite back to the Met Gala?" 

    Her brilliant answer? Watch below!

    [Photo via Getty]