The Rumored Sex And The City Prequel Cast, Plus Our Wishlist

by Christina Makoyawo · July 28, 2011

    Thanks to Candice Bushnell's blockbuster books, The Carrie Diaries and Summer And The City, centered around young Carrie Bradshaw's entrance to NYC in the 1980's and her budding friendships with Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York, there just might be SATC 3. Even though the film is only rumored to happen, names for the cast are already floating around online.


    Who's Rumored: Elizabeth Olsen

    Who We Suggest: Emma Watson


    If Emma lost the English accent, which Brits can miraculously turn off for film, she would be awesome as Carrie Bradshaw. And it would be the perfect break-out role for her since the transition out of a decade of Harry Potter films might be rough. Her affiliation with the high-fashion world helps also.

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    Who's Rumored: Blake Lively

    Who We Suggest: Blake Lively


    Judging from her active personal life, we totally agree with this choice. She would play a good sexpot Samantha Jones. She's not really the most angelic of all young Hollywood starlets. Her salacious appetite for men off-screen could be channeled into over-drive for this on-screen role.

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    Who's Rumored: Emma Roberts

    Who We Suggest: Emma Stone


    Oh look, a 3rd Emma. We're not just suggesting Emma Stone because she's a [faux] ginger. She's a saucy ginger. She would be a great fit as Miranda because of her assertiveness. From watching Stone in recent films, her talent exudes a natural sense of snarkiness and humor combined with slight-feminist toughness. [See her in Zombieland.] Honorable mention, Kat Dennings.

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    Who's Rumored: Selena Gomez

    Who We Suggest: Hailee Steinfeld


    If only she was a bit older she would be perfect. For some reason, as a longtime SATC fan, I just would not take Selena Gomez seriously as the very WASP-y Charlotte York. Hailee could pull off telling a story of growing up modeling for Ralph Lauren in Connecticut. Honorable mention, Camilla Belle.