The Situation At The Plaza: Jersey Shore Not Welcome

by Sun Kersor · December 20, 2010

    We know you always wanted to smell like a sweaty  tanning salon by spritzing on a little of "The Sitch," the cologne line from Jersey Shore's The Situation.  But, as the NY Post reports, The Plaza caught a malodorous  whiff when Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino tried to align with the hotel's luxury gym.

    Despite his well-defined abs, bulbous biceps, and sun-bronzed pecs, the reality star has been cock-blocked from the venture. The Situation had been in talks with RF Health Club Consulting, the firm expected to take over the high-end gym's lease, to become the face of the new venue and potentially offer personal ab workouts to patrons. Turns out he ultimately wasn't quite in keeping with the high-faluntin' quality of the gym's brand.