The Tao Of Amanda Bynes

by Chiara Atik · June 7, 2010

    There was a time when Amanda Bynes was goofy, funny, and made jokes about rubber chickens. Now, she sort of reminds us of a tall, blonde Snooki, and spends most of her time spouting maxims on her Twitter account. Because we're devoted to Amanda (She's The Man is, after all, the best movie of all time), we decided to pay close attention to her words of wisdom...-



    After reading through Amanda's Tweets, we found we agreed with almost everything. Is Amanda Bynes our new guru?

    @chicky When I unfollow someone it's not that I don't like them it's that they got annoying.


    @chicky If you don't get me and you're pissed about it I won't like you.

    I don't want to be friends with people who are pissed that they don't get me!

    @chicky If you don't motivate me and you seem like you're cruel I'll unfollow you.

    Definitely unfollow people who seem cruel.

    @chicky If I think you could possible be a creeper I'll unfollow you.

    Yet another good reason to unfollow someone!

    @chicky pay attention


    @chicky when someone lies about u b4 u meet them, don't know they lied about u until after u fall in love, it makes u scared to love them again

    Makes sense, makes sense.

    @chicky If we're close I probably have capitolized ur name and uncapitolized it and you probably understood that it's cool to do that

    Ok, so, we don't do that with our friends....but we'll start.

    @chicky i like candy, and when I say candy, i mean chocolate. I like Diet Coke, and when i say Diet Coke, I mean the beverage.

    Yes! That's exactly what we mean when we say Diet Coke, too!

    @chicky I love 2 make bread and eat it.......if you don't help make my bread you don't get any of mine :)

    Just like the little red hen!

    @chicky If you don't like reading my thoughts please don't read my twitter

    Uhm, no, we LOVE reading your twitter. Seriously.

    But just when we were about to shave our heads and start The Church Of Amanda, we came across a tweet that we could NOT agree with.

    @chicky Home Is Where The Heart is with Ashley Judd and Natalie Portman is a good movie

    Oh, Amanda. Looks like you're not fit to lead after all.