The Top Reasons You Should Be Scared Of Kelly Cutrone

by Chiara Atik · January 5, 2010

    If you're not having nightmares about the People's Revolution leader and Whitney Port's ex-boss Kelly Cutrone yet, you should be. Here's ten reasons why...-

    1. Her "Smile For The Camera!" look is basically a death glare.

    2. Her new book is called "If You Have To Cry Go Outside". Empathetic, she is not.

    3. She's thinking of opening up a Finishing School. In which she will probably eat girls alive.

    4. Sometimes, she'll be nice and give you a fashion show in Bryant Park. But then she'll say things like "You better not fuck up because I'm putting my name on the show, too!"

    5. Her new Bravo Reality show is called "Kell On Earth". And her BOYFRIEND suggested the title.

    6. She pleasantly puts her arm around Olivia Palermo and poses for a picture. And then she takes to Fox News and says about her:

    "I mean that when you’re in your ‘20s and you are in a prestigious place like Elle magazine, and someone like Erin is trying to help you, you better leave your fucking attitude at the door, right?"


    7. She isn't afraid of, and actually provokes, wild animals. Like geese.

    8. One of the chapters of the previously mentioned book is called "The Truth Hurts: When Did Spiritual Come To Be Equated With Nice". It's basically a maxim for being mean.

    9. Everyone is too scared of her to tell her that in fact, internships were pretty popular before she came along.


    10. She isn't afraid to curse on innocuous morning television.

    11. She isn't afraid to curse EVER.

    So what do you think of Kelly? Love her or hate her?

    [All images via PMc].