Things To Love About Celebrity Spawn

by SUSANNAH LONG · May 14, 2010

    It's been a good spring for Vanity Fair's Fanfair section, the monthly feature that provides us all with pretty young dynasty members to marvel at/venomously envy. Usually we're mildly bored by the editors' choices, but for the past few months we've been enraptured by most of the young go-getters. And, of course, there's even more to love than what Vanity Fair prints . . .


    VF's blurbs whet the appetite, but they don't do much to show us what these scions are really up to. And what are they up to? In most cases, cool stuff. Like all good scions, their exploits are very, very film-able and photo-op-able.

    1. They're old-fashioned!

    The Dough Rollers is an old-timey ragtime/blues band made up of Malcom Ford (Harrison’s son), Jack Byrne (Gabriel’s son with Ellen Barkin) and Julia Tepper (token non-famous offspring). They side-part their hair! They spell "hiccup" "hiccough"! They're refreshingly lacking in pretension! Or at least they're very good at pretending thusly.

    Best of all, they're based in New York. Upcoming performances are listed here.

    2. They're way less irritating than Food Network Hosts Nina Clemente, daughter of artist Francesco Clemente, is a private cooking instructor and caterer with a passion for community-supported agriculture. At her website, you can watch close-ups of her mouth eating, and sensuous footage of her smashing garlic. She also stands up bravely to a near-bludgeoning at the hands of godmother Lauren Hutton.

    Now let's compare Nina's on-camera cooking chops . . .

    With those of Sandra Lee, host of the Food Network's "Semi-Homemade Cooking."

    No comparison.

    3. They're optimistic and/or delusional.

    Hayley Bloomingdale's ambition is "to inspire my generation to cultivate the same excitement for life that I have.” And Jane Aldridge, the shoe blogger from Texas, lists one of her personal crusades as “supporting other bloggers." Adorable!

    4. They are so cute that we literally tried to claw our eyes out after reading their blog.

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    We're typing this one-eyed. As much as we might titter at Jane A.'s philanthropic aspirations, we continue to be addicted to her blog, The cheerful, photo-heavy website charts the native Texan's jet-setting lifestyle, zealous designer label acquisitions, and affinity for all things fashion. There are lots of photos of kittens . . .

    A cat cafe in Tokyo.

    And of Jane's impressive closet-industrial complex . . .

    . . . and of Jane herself, swanning about in fabulous garments.

    Yes, the girl's a narcissist (as are most bloggers, ourselves included), and yes yes yes, the girl's got style.

    [Photos from SeaofShoes]