Tom Cruise, Playing Tom Cruise Playing Scientology Prophet

by guestofaguest · January 17, 2008

    Tom Cruise

    [Tom Cruise going bat-shit on Oprah]

    Have you heard about the new Tom Cruise role? It's about a cocky young white guy who smiles a lot with his head cocked, and punctuates his sentences with high-pitched exclamations. Does that sound familiar? Maybe its because that's what Tom Cruise plays and has played in EVERY movie since he started acting, only this time it’s not a movie, it's reality, and a scary one at best.

    By now you've probably seen him in the Scientology promo video that has been makings its rounds on the Internets. This role, however, isn't some Jerry Maguire type where he has a woman at "hello". No, rather Tom's role, which began in 1986, affects every aspect of his life, and all of his life's problems can be solved by a practice of one-on-one counseling called "auditing," which is measured by an E-meter. Let's just say Tom Cruise has taken Method Acting to a whole new level, or shall we say universe?

    What's most amazing is that if you turned off the sound on the video, you'd think nothing off it. You'd probably say to yourself, "look there's the international box office powerhouse and hearthrob Tom Cruise." In fact, you'd probably want to have his babies, and covet Katie Holme's spot. It's the same Tom, just a different script.

    And just for good measure, here's the video one more time: