Twitter Reacts To Charlie Sheen High On The Drug Called Charlie Sheen

by Mara Siegler · February 28, 2011

    Today Charlie Sheen, high on Charlie Sheen, decided to go on a press tour to let everyone know he is tired of pretending he's not special, when clearly his tiger blood and Adonis DNA makes him so.   We take a look at some of the best rocket fuel that lives in the tip of my saber-style reactions, winning, (WINNING!!!!) on Twitter.

    "Longtime publicist of apparently no longer wants to participate in Sheen team.

    "Great marketing go on all media outlets and expose your own self.

    @ joaquin phoenix is so jealous of right now"

    @rebeccamacatee "OMG. Someone needs to start a campaign to get charlie sheen on twitter, Would be amazing!"

    rebeccamacatee "how much do you all want to bet that within a year there'll be a reality show of women wanting to be charlie sheen's "goddesses?"

    "Charlie Sheen is the new Gary Busey. They should do a reality show together"

    "This just in, crazy people are awesome. Also, a good band name... Charlie Sheen and the Goddesses"

    is most likely the Oracle of Delphi"

    "If you crossed Heath Ledger's & Bizarro Superman you get Charlie Sheen"

    "It's as if Courtney Love got clean and now Charlie sheen stepped up to the plate to be the media disaster addict."

    "Anyone know where I could score some charliesheen? I'd like to check-out for a while"

    "Are there apprenticeships?

    ---lol--- is the 2011 Mel Gibson,with"

    "My new cover letter opener: I have Adonis DNA and tiger blood"

    A fake Charlie Sheen Twitter account was previously shut down but another one sprung up in its place just 4 hours ago and brings it.

    In case you missed it:

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