Uh Oh, A Member Of Cardi B's Crew Got Into A Post Met Gala Brawl

by Millie Moore · May 8, 2018

    If you told me that Solange would pass on the Met Gala brawl torch to a member of Cardi B’s entourage, well... I would have probably believed you. And no, before you go starting any rumors, this (apparently) has nothing to do with Nicki Minaj.

    Last night, while a pregnant Cardi was standing outside The Mark Hotel, where she was attending Donatella Versace's Met after-party, some dude reportedly got too close while hounding her for an autograph.

    Even a former stripper whose baby daddy just got Maury’d by a random Colorado thot thinks asking for an autograph is classless. Let that sink in next time you ask a celeb for their goddamn signature.

    Anyway, because this hanger-on would not leave her alone, Cardi's henchmen shoved him to the ground, punched his head repeatedly, and apparently finished the job with some good old fashioned head-stomping.

    If it makes Cardi B’s entourage feel any better, nearly beating a man to death over an autograph isn’t the biggest overreaction that happened last night because, after all, the Vanderpump Rules reunion episode was also being aired. Third degree assault can't hold a candle to Jax Taylor and Scheana Marie’s antics!

    [Photo via Twitter]