Vito Schnabel Got Arrested For Dealing Shrooms At Burning Man

by Millie Moore · September 28, 2017

    Vito Schnabel is so trust fund baby it hurts. We mean, he's already an "art curator," which is hardly a real career, right? Well, it nabbed a spot on our trust fund baby career guide, along with "freelance psychiatrist," which seems to be Vito's side hustle. 

    Vito was caught at Burning Man, which doubles as an unofficial reunion for top tier prep school kids, dealing shrooms. We have to say, this is a little off brand for Vito. Usually the archetype that sells shrooms is the T.A. from your Philosophy course or the cooking staff at summer camp (or maybe that's just me). But then again, Vito is in the art world. Sure, he isn't like, an actual artist, but he is the son of one, and hangs with artists all the time (who are known to love their psychedelics). Compounded with the fact that he parties with the elite (who are known to love...well...every other illicit drug that isn't associated with Bernie supporters), that means he's pretty much the Hannah Montana of Drug Use. Best of both worlds, right?

    So, Vito got arrested on September 3rd at Burning Man and we're just finding out about it (thanks to TMZ). Coincidentally, he just split with Heidi Klum, like five minutes ago. So maybe this had something to do with it. 

    Vito faces up to five years in prison if convicted, but HA. HA. HA. HA. That's never gonna fucking happen. But then again, Vito probably wouldn't wince at the weird sex stuff or shady, illicit shit going on in the joint. Because, like I said, Hannah Montana of the Art Realm and the Elite! He's totally used to it.

    [Photo via Getty]