Warren Beatty's Sex Life: A Mathematical Analysis

by Chiara Atik · January 4, 2010

    A new biography of Warren Beatty is claiming the actor has slept with 12,775 women in his lifetime, including Joan Collins, Madonna, and, (ew), Janice Dickinson. Because the author of the book claims he arrived at this figure after doing some "simple arithmetic", we decided to do a little arithmetic ourselves...-

    Warren Beatty was born in 1937. This means he is 73 years old. According to the book, Beatty lost his virginity at 20. That leaves 53 years, but, for the sake of people with grandparents everywhere, let's go ahead and assume he stopped having sex after he turned 70. This leaves him with 50 years of being sexually active.

    If the book is to be believed (and Beatty is saying it isn't), Beatty would have had to sleep with around 255 different women a year, for 50 years. There are 18,262 days in 50 years (including leap years), which means he would have had to sleep with someone new every 1.4 days. Or every 34 hours.

    Suppose that Beatty has been faithful to Annette Benning during his 18 year marriage. That gives him 35 years to squeeze in 12,774 women, at roughly 364 a year.

    Let's imagine that 1 out of every 3 sexual encounters was a threesome. This means that Beatty would have slept with 4,258 people during threesomes. And 8,516 women he slept with during single partner encounters.

    I mean, really!