What Did Lizzo Have Inside Her Tiny Purse?

by Stephanie Maida · November 25, 2019

    Mini bags have been having a moment for quite some time now. And while we can most definitely credit Jacquemus for starting the trend, leave it to our favorite flute-playing fashion icon, Lizzo, to take it to the next level.

    Last night the singer rolled up to the American Music Awards in a flouncy Valentino frock paired with the tiniest purse we've ever seen. The white Valentino Garavani toybag, which is about the size of one of her fingernails, is apparently one of only three in the world. On the red carpet, she joked that she had it filled with "tampons, a flask of tequila, some condoms," but we can't help but wonder what was actually inside.

    Here are a few of our guesses:

    -The amount of f*cks Lizzo gives.

    -The amount of f*cks we're going to give in 2020.

    -A bitcoin. 

    -Three emergency eyelashes.

    -A lucky sequin from one of Lil Nas X's cowboy hats.

    -Some air for her flute.

    -One acrylic nail.

    -Votes for Joe Biden.

    -A 24 karat gold breath mint.

    -The keys to Elon Musk's new Tesla Cybertruck.

    -The secret to Pete Davidson's sex appeal.

    -Our excitement about it being Monday.

    Lizzo, please confirm or deny any of the above.

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