Zahara is Happy

by guestofaguest · August 29, 2007


    (As she should be, the girl just got icecream cones, a carriage ride, and frolick time in central park all before noon). 

    We try and stay away from "star-postings".  We are, like most of you we're sure, disgusted by what is going on in our celebrity-driven, paparazzi-filled lives.  For instance, we hate the fact that not only does everyone at the office know about Owen Wilson's suicide attempt, they are engaged in detailed debates about whether Kate Hudson's new relationship had anything to do with setting him overboard (these are Harvard graduates here). We are all Lohaned out.  We are sick of hearing about the soda pop that Britney is putting in her children's bottles and how many pounds preggers Nicole is gaining.  What we hate even more is that sometimes we find ourselves participating in above discussions.  But we wanted to do things differently on Guest of a Guest, trying to write about people, places, and events that were going on locally and just as interesting as those spotlight seeking celebs.  Well, we are sorry, but this photo is just too adorable not to post.  In our defense, it was taken just hours ago in central park so it's both local AND relevant.  Also, we would like to think that we might post the same photo of ANY pair this cute.