Alec Baldwin's "Cute" Speech At NYU Graduation

by Chiara Atik · May 12, 2010

    Alec Baldwin just finished giving his speech at NYU's rainy graduation ceremony at Yankee Stadium. (Hence the thousands of purple robes you probably saw on your morning commute.)  What words of wisdom did he have to impart to the Class of 2010?-



    Some of the choice quotes were:

    "California may have the sunshine, but they don't have New York University, am I right?!"

    "You can never go wrong with more school...especially when that school is NYU!"

    Good lord, does he have stock in NYU or something? (Probably.)

    He also went a little more general...

    "Myth of a risk free life is just that...myth."

    Yeah, yeah, ok, but where are the JOKES? Can we get a little less Alec, a little more Jack Donaghy?

    Overall, it was a nice speech about commitment, which students generously described as "cute".  Baldwin shook hands with students during the procession, apparently one of the only light spots in an otherwise rainy and cold ceremony. Live reports from Yankee stadium say students are eating donuts and wearing ponchos. No NYU Graduation will ever live up to the excitement of 08's streaker!