NYU Kids Are Having The WORST Time Moving Back To School

by Millie Moore · August 20, 2020

    Anyone who went to college in New York City is well versed in each school's reputation: Fordham? It’s for kids that are too dumb to get into BC and can’t even party as hard as UMass Amherst kids pregame (I can say that, I went there). Columbia? Obvi an Ivy for rich kids who are either from the city or can't drive. FIT and The New School? Where models inevitably drop out of when they realize getting a degree to fall back on once they turn 25 isn’t worth their time. And NYU? Just the absolute worst. Well they're finally getting their comeuppance and, of course, they’re being especially whiny about it because, duh, it’s NYU.

    As college kids head back to campus in time for the fall semester (a move that sounds like a corona super-spreader event but OK), NYU students have been popping up all over TikTok to air out their struggles. Since all out-of-state travelers are required to quarantine for two weeks when coming to the city, the students are being told to remain in their dorm rooms while the school takes care of their meals.

    Unsurprisingly, the university’s food service isn't quite up to their standards. The "vegan" dinner, for example, consists of a bag of potato chips, a Nature Valley bar, an orange, and a chocolate pudding (made with "real milk" so whoops!), while breakfast appears to be a semi-stale bagel and a cup of grapefruit juice. Yum!

    While we get that meals aren’t going to be curated to some Momofuku or Nobu level shit (despite how much we know people are paying for tuition), it’s pretty wild that they're not even on the same level as what we’d grab at a local bodega while on a munchies spree. We’re talking a step above Fyre Fest cuisine. Obviously it’s a little rich that Tisch kids are complaining as if they won’t be living off of ramen once they graduate, but we can’t help but feel a little bit bad for them. It's hilarious, of course, but still. 

    [Photo via @nyuniversity]