Where To Crash The Harvard-Yale Pregame

by BILLY GRAY · November 18, 2009

    When we last reviewed the favorite hangouts of Harvard students, we came up with a list of bars fanned out across the city. This Friday night, on the eve of the annual Harvard-Yale tailgate bacchanal, recent graduates of both schools will descend on the Meatpacking District to create the biggest concentration of Ivy grads this side of a J. Press sale.


    The festivities kick off at 9pm with a  "Booze dinner" at Revel. From dinner, guests can either stay put or head to Los Dados and One Little West Twelfth, the two other venues on the bar crawl.  There's no cover charge, but the invite suggests that Crimson Crazies dress to impress, which for recent Harvard grads likely means something other than this or this.

    In typical Harvard fashion, the invite discourages attendance by the hoi polloi who never endured a Cambridge winter or a final club party. But if the bouncers keep you outside the club, don't envy the Harvard party people inside. They'll be spending their Saturday here.