Yale Sorority Girls Are Better Than Other Sorority Girls...

by Chiara Atik · February 8, 2010

    ...and don't you forget it! Here's the Pi Beta Phi Rush Video for the 2010 Yale Chapter. They are the best sorority ever, because they're smarter and more accomplished than all the Pi Phi chapters at other, lesser schools.-

    According to their website, Yale Pi Phis are teen jeopardy contestants! Former Broadway singers! Tour Guides! I don't know what other school could top a sorority roster like that one!

    What is WITH these Pi Phis at Ivy Leagues, by the way?

    Yale Pi Phis look like they go to Arizona State, think like they go to MIT, and party like they're in the Seminary!

    Pi Phis have trouble dressing for Rags To Riches dances, because, let's face it, they're all rich and always have been.

    Pi Phi girls keep their cool when they fall down in the cafeteria and drop their tray of WATER and A PEAR, probably because that's all they've eaten all day.

    Pi Phi girls take adderall and diet coke and then stay up all night practicing interview questions!

    This video is clearly meant to be funny, and it actually is. But maybe not in the way these oh-so-accomplished sisters had hoped.