Daily Style File: Huma Abedin, Taking A Vacation From Weiner

by Diana Graham · July 1, 2011

    Before June of this year, it's likely that only the politically inclined were familiar with Huma Abedin. But a lot can change in a month's time and for Abedin it certainly has. Now we all know of her thanks to the infamously skeezy online escapades of her husband - and former NY Congressman - Anthony Weiner. As he heads to rehab (for what exactly? sexting?), something tells us it won't be long until Abedin splits, unless, of course, she's taking pointers from boss Hillary Clinton (eek!).


    Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan; moved to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia at age 2

    Is 35 years old

    Attended George Washington University

    Works as aide to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

    Named one of the "rising stars of American politics" by Time in 2010

    Practices Islam

    Has graced the pages of Vogue


    Life As Weiner's Wife

    Abedin and Weiner formed a relationship while working on Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign

    They married on July 10, 2010 in Huntington, New York; former President Bill Clinton presided over the ceremony

    She is currently pregnant with Weiner's child

    After the scandal (which involved Weiner sending inappropriate photos to young women via the Internet) broke, Abedin displayed support for her husband by appearing in public with him, smiling and holding his hand

    However, she did not appear with him at his official resignation, where Weiner proclaimed, "I love my wife very much, and we have no intention of splitting up over this." (Easy for you to say, Weiner!)

    Abedin recently decided to take time off from her job with the State Dept. and will be living at an undisclosed location while Weiner goes off to rehab [via]

    The Verdict

    Personally, we think Huma Abedin is way too hot and far too capable to put up with Weiner's pervy behavior, which began not even a year into their marriage. But she is pregnant with their first child, which inevitably and understandably complicates the matter. Plus, having Hillary "If Your Cheating Husband Still Makes You Laugh, Everything Is Okay" Clinton in her corner can't be helping. What do you think?




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