Daily Style Phile: Alexa Greenstadt Gives Us The Bohemian-Chic

by Rachelle Hruska · August 12, 2008

    alexa greenstadt

    I would call Alexa Greenstadt a hip "hipster" if the word didn't have such negative connotations these days.  Also, that word would be to limiting in describing Alexa, the Beatrice Babe that doesn't play by any rules, in fashion or otherwise.  Bohemian, cool, chic, hip, indie, posh, rebel, hipster, fresh are all words that one could use in describing Alexa, though my favorite would have to be FREE.

    When you are as free as Alexa, you can be whatever you want to be, and look good while doing it:

    alexa greenstadtalexa greenstadtalexa greenstadt

    More photos below:

    alexaalexa greenstadtalexa greenstadt

    First photo via Ben Frank Shapiro