Daily Style Phile: Cassie Coane

by Chiara Atik · October 7, 2010

    The name Cassie Coane is all to often printed after "Harley Viera-Newton and". Sure, the two are best friends and co-DJs, but we think Cassie deserves some attention in her own right.-

    Name: Cassie Coane

    Age: 22

    Birthday: February 17th (Same as Harley's)

    Hometown: LA

    College: The New School

    Now Lives In: SoHo

    Likes: The American South, denim, The American Flag, early eighties post-punk sets

    Hangs Out With: Besides Harley? Leigh Lezark, Paul Sevigny, The Olsen twins, who came to her birthday party.

    Biggest Gigs: Le Baron, The Jane, The Museum of Natural History's Gala

    What she's been doing lately: Hanging out and DJing at Paris Fashion Week

    Style: Nouveau Bohemian: short dresses with statement shoes and boots. She also does not shy away from revealing clothes; this is a girl who likes to show off some decolletage. Always always wears her hair down.

    [Photos via Interview Mag, Paper Mag, Ny Mag, and Zimbio]