Daily Style Phile "Fashionista At Rose Bar"

by ARI COHEN · December 19, 2008

    After the party at Bungalow we headed over to Rosebar to check out what was going. The holiday season was in full effect with fashionista Kristen L. Rose showing off Louboutin heels reminiscent of Dorothy's red ruby slippers. When I asked her what she does for a living, she replied, " I shop and love fashion".

    More story and photos below:

    She couldn't decide what to wear that evening, but decided against pairing her Margiela pants with a Jil Sander top, and went with something more festive. Watch out for more of this girl on the town as she flaunts her fabulous wardrobe throughout the trendiest hotspots! She was also the only one to come up and make conversation, Bravo for being both nice and and fashion forward.