Daily Style Phile: Helen Marcovicci, The Stylish Torch Singer At The Algonquin

by ARI COHEN · November 13, 2008

    I spotted this lady( who is perfect for my site) in the lobby of the Historic Algonquin Hotel just hours ago and thought she looked charming in her big red glasses and printed silk scarf. I was there to do a little research for Mimi Weddell's big hat party and I'm sure  Mimi would be a fan of this woman's style as well. It turns out that her name is Helen Marcovicci, and she was a well known torch singer in the 1940s. I look forward to hearing her music and checking out her new album, though she made sure to let me know that I couldn't afford her for our party ha!

    [The Hat Party Planning Begins!]