Daily Style Phile: Kelly Bensimon, The Sporty And Adventurous Housewife Continues To Broaden Her Horizons

by Rachelle Hruska · March 25, 2009

    Kelly BensimonWe met Kelly Bensimon last summer, when she wasn't yet a "Real Housewife of New York" but just a mom, hanging out in the Hamptons with our friends at Plum TV (whom she did "Behind the Hedges With Kelly Killoren Bensimon" with). Since then, she has won over hearts on the show.  Friends like Dan Honan describe Kelly as "sporty and adventurous" (indeed on Plum's show they had her drive race cars, play Polo, and swimming with sharks off the coast of Montauk!) But at the heart of Kelly's character is the desire to continually broaden her horizons.



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    Whether that is by learning to cook with her daughters from Surf Lodge's Sam Talbot himself, or escorting the Countess to NYC fashion shows.  And, after her stint at NY Post's Page Six Magazine, we see future writing engagements in her career.

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    Kelly Bensimon Kelly Bensimon

    Kelly Bensimon

    Olivia Palermo, Kelly Bensimon Olivia Palermo, Kelly Bensimon

    Kelly BensimonKelly BensimonKelly Bensimon Kelly Bensimon at Brigehampton Polo Kelly Bensimon Kelly Bensimon with Drummer