Daily Style Phile: Luigi Tadini Is The Sartorialist's Dream

by Rachelle Hruska · August 1, 2008

    Luigi Tadini

    Perfection.  That is the only way to describe Luigi Tadini.  If The Sartorialist could, he would follow Luigi around like a little puppy and have a photo every day of his life to use for material.  Luigi is the kind of person we are supposed to hate: you know, the one that wakes up every day of his life and looks like he could be on the spread of a fashion ad....whether he is in a plain white tshirt, riding a bike in Montauk in his straw fedora, or dolled up in a bowtie and tux amongst the most popular socialites, Luigi Tadini looks...well, perfect.  We want a fraction of his style, we want in on his adventures, and we want desperately to loathe him...but we can't, he's too darn sweet.

    Can not WAIT for his Bday Party in Montauk!

    Luigi Tadinihttp://hamptons.guestofaguest.com/hamptons-plum-tv/luigi-tadini-plans-his-birthday-party-in-montauk-2/http://hamptons.guestofaguest.com/hamptons-plum-tv/luigi-tadini-plans-his-birthday-party-in-montauk-2/

    More photos of Luigi below:

    Luigi TadiniLuigi TadiniLuigi Tadiniwith amanda hearstLuigi TadiniLuigi TadiniLuigi TadiniLuigi TadiniLuigi Tadini