Daily Style Phile: NYU's Blogging Hero

by Chelsea Burcz · February 20, 2009

    Charlie EisenhoodCharlie Eisenhood, part time DJ and sophomore NYU student, has brought student reporting to a whole new level. While the tension intensified between TBNYU students (stands for Take Back NYU), the police, and the students who disagreed with the protest last night, Charlie was inside NYU's Kimmel Center barricaded in with the protesters updating the events from his laptop with the help of NYULocal.com and Twitter. Charlie risked getting arrested...

    More story and photos below...

    ...so the rest of NYU could sit on their laptops in their dorms instead of fighting the cold and witnessing the event first hand. Charlie's reports may have even intensified the situation, as more and more students rallied together once it was announced the police were on their way. He was able to add YouTube clips of a crowd of students being pepper sprayed and had a photo of the contract NYU set forth to the TBNYU protesters. It was clear that Charlie did not agree with the protest; he was shunned by the TBNYUers for most of the night, however he persisted and managed to stay until 3am last night updating his blog posts by the minute. Great reporting Charlie!

    Charlie EisenhoodCharlie Eisenhood

    Charlie EisenhoodCharlie Eisenhood