Daily Style Phile: Olivia Cuervo, the Natural Beauty

by STEPHANIE WEI · August 27, 2008

    Olivia Cuervo [Photo courtesy of PMc]

    Syndicate PR maven Olivia Cuervo is one of the most stunning girls on the scene. Whether she's gracefully managing an event at the Gramercy Park Hotel Rooftop or having drinks with friends at the Rose Bar, she's bound to catch your eye.

    Olivia's sweet demeanor shines through her lovely smile. She has a bit of mystery to her with her dark features and chic choice of dress. Friends say that her Latin roots can lead to her random episodes of breaking out the salsa meringue in the middle of the dance floor...

    Olivia CuervoOlivia CuervoOlivia Cuervoolivia-cuervo1

    More story and photos below:

    Olivia's fashion sensibility is always classy and she'll often be seen in an LBD with fab accessories that add spice. She never overdoes it, but why would she? She's just straight-up beautiful. Here's a sampling of Olivia's looks...

    Olivia CuervoOlivia CuervoOlivia Cuervo