Daily Style Phile: "Sea Of Shoes"' Jane Aldridge Is Swimming In Style

by CARSON GRIFFITH · June 4, 2009

    We understand some people just don't keep up on internet sites and blogs the way we do, and as long as you stay up to date on ours, we really don't mind. But if you are a fan of fashion blogs, we have a feeling you've at least been on "Sea of Shoes" once or twice, or have bookmarked that sucker. Afterall, once you stumble upon the likes of 17 year-old Jane Aldridge's wonder blog, Sea of Shoes, documenting everything from her day to day activities, purchases and most importantly, her wardrobe and SHOES, there is no turning back. The Texas high school student with what seems like an endless bank account has found her niche VERY early on in life, starting the blog at the wee age of 16. And while many kids, adults, professionals go down the same path with personal blogs, not all of them end up with hundreds of thousands of followers, with magazines spreads, and featured on television.

    Jane Aldridge didn't create your average fashion blog with "Sea of Shoes". But right off the bat, you can tell, Jane Aldridge isn't your average 17 year-old. With her mother, Judy Aldridge, being a fashion designer, she isn't stranger to the arts. Jane has said she became obsessed with Picasso at the tender age of four, and we're not surprised, considering her liberal use of color in what she wears. Her obsession with vintage is also very clear from her website, as she always writes and snaps about her latest purchases from the likes of EBay to the Salvation Army. Mix this in with anything from the latest must-have boots from Margiela and Givenchy and the girl has a style all her own. Hard to believe Jane is still wearing a uniform to school five days a week, isn't it?

    [Photo via SeaOfShoes]

    Her site will also offer you pictures of the things she can't wait to get her hands on next (and she usually does), her favorite editorial spreads (past and present), and lavish photo spreads of herself in what she wears daily. So lavish, in fact, it's hard to believe that they aren't shot by a professional photographer - yet. We're sure Jane as a long career in fashion in her future. The adorable teen has already had a taste of fame: She's been featured in Teen Vogue, Glamour, Style.com, Refinery29, and TheSuperMelon. Along with this last month her Twitter indicated she was going to New York for a shoot and possibly getting to meet Lauren Santo Domingo (Vogue photo shoot?), although it was mysteriously taken down. What might have topped all these things? Jame got an email in her inbox one day from none other than rap-star Kanye West, saying he wanted to blog about her site. Apparently he can spot style when he sees it.

    [Photos via SeaOfShoes and Trendhunter]

    No, this is certainly no rags to riches story for this wealthy Texan, but it is definitely one of overnight internet success. In just a few months a 16 year-old girl went from being an annonymous blogger with a breath-taking closet, to a girl on the cusp of fashion stardom. After-all, it's magazines today, a shoe line right around the corner, and what next, Jane? We're keeping our fingers crossed it's college. But we're not going to lie. We'd totally buy your designs. Just let us know when you want to do the exclusive about that shoe line of yours you're being so close-lipped about. We're ready and waiting anytime.