Daily Style Phile: Take Me To The Prom!

by Debra Lin · April 8, 2011

    Small Girls have launched themselves into what seems to be an endless prom. Mallory and Bianca are wearing prom dresses everyday for 30 days, no matter the occasion. The girls continue their usual daily shenanigans, but now with the exciting twang that comes with being buried in tulle and sequins.

    So how did they find themselves back in the nostalgic high school days for a month? Mallory tells GoaG:

    "We were in the office one day dreamily browsing Tiza when Bianca said she wanted to wear a prom dress every day. What started as a funny concept became a surreal reality when we pitched them the idea- Tiza lends us the dresses, and we document our lives in them for 30 days."

    Take a look at how they're doing!

    Day 1 - So it begins. The girls sit in their office with their fresh inventory from Tiza.com, surrounded by what they titled "A Sea of Ruffles."

    Day 5 - "High five from down low!" Mallory and Bianca pose in their identical dresses by Sherry Hill.

    Day 9 - Both girls don dresses by Sherri Hill for Tiza for a deceivingly fancy lunch at Pop's in Brooklyn.

    Day 11 - Nicky Digital meets with Bianca at Urban Rustic in this frilly number and her usual "PROMbat boots."

    Day 12 - The girls are suddenly in a Cinderella type story as a regular party transforms into another prom at the stroke of midnight.

    Day 13 - Staring up dreamily at the mysterious night sky, the girls sprawl out on the cold pavement after an outer space themed party in their cosmic dresses.

    Day 14 - It's a lazy Sunday and Mallory takes it easy in her kitchen in a downy purple dress. Can't complain about being cushioned by tulle while you lounge!

    Day 16 - Mallory brightens up the gloomy street with a hot pink dress on this rainy day.

    Day 17 - The girls meet with their clients at Charmco, assembling glamorous prom themed charms in glamorous prom dresses. Needless to say they didn't need to change before heading out to Nicky Digital's Fun Haus Party.

    Between what we've shown you, they're still attending meetings, picking up laundry, going to the movie theater: the works - all with a fresh prom dress each day. And we're only on Day 18 now on this adventure. Mallory laughs, "We got a new shipment yesterday so there are some poofy surprises in the works."

    Follow the rest of their experience at takemetotheprom.com. The Small Girls would also love to see how you spent your prom, so send some photos their way!