Daily Style Phile: Terry Richardson's Mom

by Chiara Atik · June 2, 2010

    We're completely infatuated with Terry Richardson's mom. Obsessed. She's got a whole lot of chutzpah. Here she is, for example, eating a croissant and smoking a cigarette. Her house looks like a movie set. We want to know more about her.-

    Get a load of how this woman accessorizes! A turquoise necklace layered on top of a butterfly necklace, a silver bracelet that matches a silver ring and a silver pin, a blue scarf tied jauntily tied around her neck, and, to tie the whole look together, A SWEATBAND AROUND HER WRIST. Most importantly, look how she's cooly staring into the camera as if to say "Just TRY and tell me I'm over-accessorizing."

    In this picture, she is wearing a different scarf, still tied jauntily around her neck, one earring, a long beaded necklace, a shorter cross necklace, a ring, a bracelet, and a pen. Clearly the best part of this picture is that the chair she's sitting on seems to have been upholstered with an American Flag. This outfit clearly makes her happy. Her random shoulder tattoo makes us happy.

    Why bother with shirts when you have a sweatband/butterfly on a stick?

    We want to know more about this woman. Like, who does she share her life with?

    Meet Jackie.

    Jackie and Terry Richardson's Mom have been married since 1975. He isn't intimated by her strong sense of self, because he has an equally strong sense of self, and the best eyebrows we've ever seen. As you gaze at this picture, please notice the fake "Wanted" picture in the background.

    This is a picture of Jackie and Terry Richardson's Mom from the 70s. You can tell they're still just as fond of nature, flowing locks, and butterflies as they were back then.

    Here is Terry Richardson's Mom's Wall. I'm glad the Dog has a place of honor under the rainbow.

    Mr. And Mrs. Terry Richardson's Mom, at home.

    This is their friend, Richie. He's not really as good at dressing creatively as they are.

    Here is how Terry Richardson's Mom and Jackie keep the romance alive after so many years:

    They like the same things, like cigarettes.

    They make each other laugh. (This is Jackie, fake sneezing.)

    They go out to dinner.

    They still take time to watch sunsets together.

    Seriously, Terry Richardson's Mom: keep doing your thang. You're completely awesome.

    [All photos via Terry's Diary]