Daily Style Phile: The Many Rings Of Nur Khan

by Chiara Atik · September 20, 2010

    Of course you know who Nur Khan is, the nightlife impressario behind Rose Bar, Don Hill's. He's not only being credited with sparking a nightlife revival in the city, but his "Nur Khan Sessions" are bringing live music back to an intimate and very New York setting. But we're keeping an eye on his very distinct clothing style as well...-



    Are you looking for a good Halloween costume this year? If you hang out with the it-crowd, dressing as Nur Khan might be an easy and awesome option.

    You'll need:

    A black sleeveless t-shirt

    a black leather jacket


    a mustache

    as many rings and necklaces and bracelets as you can fit

    Extra points if you get a friend to dress up as some sort of celebrity or it-girl to accompany you, as Nur is rarely photographed without an A-lister by his side. Gather those things together and there you have it: instant Nur!

    It would be hard to sell a place like Don Hill's, which is known for its authentically grungy, rock and roll vibe, without being able to dress for the part. Nur is able to pull this off each and every night. He keeps it simple, but always manages to come out with a look that is fashionable without being frilly, and 100% Nur.

    It's doubtful that any man in the history of New York Nightlife has ever managed to pull off a fistfull of rings and still look manly, but that's exactly what Nur does. Nur makes all of his own jewelry by collaborating with the designer from John Varvatos. (Word of caution: don't get in a barfight with Nur. Those large cocktail gems he wears on his fingers would hurt like a mother if he were to throw a punch.) Also, uhm, check out those guns.

    Rumor has it (and we love a good rumor!) that the bracelet that Nur always wears, which looks like just a regular bracelet, is actually full of black diamonds.

    Of course, this is his nightime uniform. There is a softer side of Nur...

    Look at those baby blues! He's also rocking a bit of a soul patch, and we love love love the the gray hair on him, he looks so handsome. (Obviously less Rock N'Roll than his Don Hill's at 3 am style, but hey, the man is versatile!)

    [Photos via Style.com and Grubstreet]