Daily Style Phile: The Stars At Sundance

by Cary Randolph Fuller · January 25, 2010

    It's not easy being rich and famous. For one thing celebs have to contend with frigid temperatures in Park City, Utah, during Hollywood's annual Sundance Film Festival. Coming from sunny L.A., dressing for snow can be a chore. So how does one get on the Best Dressed List at the chicest party in the Wild West? Check out our style guide to find out.

    Sorry, PETA, the only way to stay warm is with a fur coat. (Although we cannot claim they are all genuine hides.) Dax Shepard, right, is our king of cozy, wrapping up on two separate occasions in a white fur jacket. Keep it casual, guys, in shearling-lined hooded coats with jeans and the latest starlet on your arm.

    Of course fur isn't just for the gentlemen. Yesterday Marisa Tomei channeled those lovable muppets on Fraggle Rock in a shaggy coat and that other Sundance must-have: the aviator shade.

    But no matter what else they're wearing, hats and headgear are every celebrity's, err, crowning achievement while slinging indie projects and scooping up swag.

    In addition to Dax and Jessica Alba (above), Dakota Fanning sported a cozy knit cap, albeit one with sparkles (because she's like sixteen and teenagers go crazy for sparkles, right?). And Philip Seymour Hoffman showed love for the Empire State in a Jets cap. (Too bad those good vibes didn't get to last night's game in time. What a bloodbath that was.)

    But of all the wacky toppers seen in the streets of Park City, I have to give freestyle motocross rider Larry Linkogle the blue ribbon for best use of a scalp to promote...himself.

    Freestyle motocross rider Larry Linkogle

    Dakota Fanning                                   Philip Seymour Hoffman

    So...how do we dress like the stars at Sundance?! Basically we dress like everyone else in wintertime. Hats, coats, and scalp tattoos. I can only hope for such originality at Cannes.