Daily Style Phile: When NYC Socials Fall In Love With Russian Fur Hats

by Rachelle Hruska · January 27, 2009

    [Paul Johnson-Calderon and Kristian Laliberte both donning their favorite fur hats]

    The frigid temperatures are hardly shocking to us by now, and yet, some of our favorite social's choice head gear has been.  It's more than a fur hat, it's a statement, and one that not everybody can pull off.  So, from Paul Johnson-Calderon, to Kristian Laliberte, Jules Kirby, Ben Fink Shapiro, Sean Patrick Murray, and EVERYONE in between, who looks the best underneath the fur?

    Click below to view the hats in question before leaving your vote in the comments!

    Jules Kirby

    Jules Kirby

    Sean Patrick Murray

    Ben Fink Shapiro

    Paul Johnson-Calderon

    Kristian Laliberte