Victoria Secret's Model Miranda Kerr, Just A Normal Facebook Girl

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · March 9, 2010

    Miranda Kerr, Jessica HartMiranda Kerr helping friend Jessica Hart celebrate her 24th birthday at Rose Bar. The only thing we love more than Miranda Kerr is Miranda Kerr's secret SECOND Facebook page. And today, we're going to explore her photos a little bit. Care to join us?

    First up, we have youth: punk rock tees, cutoff shorts, burning the late night of whatever they drink in Australia, youth. We all have a few of these kinds of photos but most of us opt to untag them because we're embarrassed by how atrocious we looked. Miranda has not untagged herself in this photo, which once again proves supermodels have no awkward phase, and therefore probably do not even know they have the option of untagging a photo. Lucky them.

    miranda kerr

    Next we have the always popular milestone of learning to drive. One could argue supermodels do not need to learn how to drive, because there's handlers and chauffeurs for that kind of thing. But not Miranda! She considers driving a true right of passage, and can't wait to take her friends out on a joyride with the top down just like every teenage girl that's ever existed. But true to supermodel form, Miranda one-ups us all by learning to do it on the "wrong" side. (Also: dimples.)

    miranda kerr

    Ahh, the good ol' candids. These are also quite common with plebeians. But instead of wearing pink silk robes and preparing to strut down a glittery aisle in skivvies, ours were taken at band practice when the music teacher stepped out to take a call from his wife. Another win for Miranda.

    And look! Office functions! On a beach! In uniforms! See everybody, even supermodels have to indulge their bosses sometimes and come in to work on the weekend. Can you imagine how hard it is to get a promotion at that office? Hats off to Miranda for dealing with that kind of competitive environment.

    miranda kerr

    miranda kerr, orlando bloom

    Ugh, kissy shots. Around January 3rd, this was actually her profile picture, which reaffirms things are just peachy keen between her and Orlando Bloom (who, incidentally, also has a Facebook page that we thoroughly enjoyed investigating while putting this together). And again, Miranda drives it home by having Bloom as a boyfriend and perhaps being in the only photograph where Perez Hilton used his graffiti tactics kindly.

    As we can see, Miranda Kerr's Facebook photos prove she does the same things as each and every one of us. She just looks outrageously and unspeakably better doing them all. But honestly, what else is new?