15th Annual Gen Art Festival Kicks Off At Ziegfeld And The Park

by TIFFANY ETESSAMI · April 8, 2010

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    This year's Gen Art Film Festival, which attracts both film connoisseurs and party goers, got off to a great start with kickoff events at the legendary Ziegfeld Theater and The Park.


    In its fifteenth year, the Gen Art Fest, sponsored by Acura, is still one of the biggest NYC attractions in April. The unique combo of showcasing a film and a short every night, followed by an exclusive after party, for a week straight is amazing for any avid film lover.

    This year's lineup is as impressive as ever, but one specific documentary has been getting a particular amount of buzz... Vincent Chase Adrian Grenier shows off his directing skills with Teenage Paparazzo. The premise ponders what it would be like to turn the cameras on the unofficial stalkers of celebs, and Adrian's unexpected bonding with a fourteen year old cameraman named Austin.

    With appearances by the Hiltons (Paris and Perez), Lindsay Lohan, Eva Longoria, Matt Damon and Alec Baldwin, it should make for an intriguing look into fame from the star's point of view.

    With a whole week of movies, starring the likes of Rachel Bilson, Malin Akerman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and after parties, at hotspots like SL and Juliet, expect much more to come!