The Yorkville Ball, hosted at the Upper East Side's Union Club, is a celebration of the finer things in life. Champagne, tuxedos and elevated gowns filled the historic rooms of the private club on Saturday, November 10th. Benefiting Search and Care, an organization whose services aid elderly in everyday tasks, the event possessed an air of grandeur. Rivaling that of Fitzgerald's Gatsby, the bash was a gilded gathering of the city's most elite and gorgeous, rocking some of their black tie masquerade best.

You quickly learn that there is a no-cell-phone policy at The Union Club, like an upper echelon Soho House. The people who are members here aren't celebrities, but they hold all the power. The guests are a mix of trust-funders, self-made entrepreneurs, couples reveling in their romantic New York City life, and singles looking for their social match.

I ask a new acquaintance, who I learn is from California, if his hometown is on fire. He responds, "No, it's quite a sleepy town. Full of grandmas and grandpas." I retort, "No, is it legitimately on fire? Like, is your home okay?" He responds, "Oh, I thought you meant on fire in the millennial sense, like lit."

The Peter Duchin Orchestra blares crowd-friendly big band music, and I really do want to dance. Something about the clothes and the evening feels like real New York magic. It's almost an alternative reality, one where the gentlemen are well dressed, the women are courteous and the alcohol is free.

There are so many little nooks you can meander through: a card room with framed royal flush hands of poker dated back to the '70s, intimate emerald colored rooms, or brash ballrooms full of people. A room for all kinds of partygoers.

Next year, dust off your tux and gown and make sure you don't miss this party. It was lit, in the millennial sense of the word.

[Photos by Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images]