A Garden Party Worthy For The Queen of Hearts Herself

by SARAH FLOREA · July 29, 2010

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    A beckoning window display invited guests to fall down the rabbit hole into Deboarah's Buck House garden wonderland for the evenings celebrations. Garden Party was the theme for the night and with arms wide open Deboarah Buck invited guests to her lavish first ever Buck House Window Project. Known as America's 1st Exterior Designer, John Danzer for Munder Skiles was the designer of the night.-

    John Danzer, originally on the path to become a Wall Street extraordinaire, abandoned that career and now 14 years later has his own garden furniture company.  Talk about a complete 360 turn around!

    Brightly colored tiki lights were strung, astro turf was laid down, decadent moss spheres and branch installations were erected, and of course garden loungers were put out for the festivities.  Stepping into the Buck House, guests had a feast for the eyes.  The secret garden utopia offered 12 layered finger sandwiches to munch on and Scharffenberger Champagne to quench their thirst.

    The garden party goers mingled outside in the adjacent patio area, chatting, taking pictures, and of course taking in all the garden garb.  Adults popped bottles and tweens sipped on sparkling apple juice ( a little bubbly for everyone).  Inside, the eye popping teal and magenta striped wall kept the atmosphere fun and lively for everyone.  Eclectic vases lined shelving and onto a near by table the sea of vases continued (ideal for holding your snips of floral stems).

    Everyone touched back down into Manhattan after a luxurious evening at the Buck House, leaving with "BH" bags full of the most essential garden essentials.