Area 30th Anniversary Exhibition Area 30th Anniversary Exhibition Area 30th Anniversary Exhibition Glenn O'Brien, Eric GoodeGlenn O'Brien, Eric Goode Area 30th Anniversary Exhibition Area 30th Anniversary Exhibition

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Last night, Hole Gallery and The Bowery Hotel were packed with people eager to reminisce over - or experience for the first time - Area, the legendary nightclub from the '80s. The club was a hotbed for the exuberant and uninhibited artistic lifestyle of the era, and drew in all kinds of characters, from Downtown's original rebels to Madonna and Sting. Things got crazy at Hole last night, where Jeffrey Deitch redesigned the space to look like a replica of the '80s hotspot. Glenn O'Brien, Tom Sachs, Chuck Close, Julian Schnabel, Jean Pigozzi and Todd Eberle were just a handful of the art and nightlife elite in attendance to be transported back to 1983.

The club is documented in the new book, "Area 1983-1987," by Area co-founder Eric Goode and his sister Jennifer Goode. To celebrate, they organized an exhibition and party to bring us all back to the '80s, if only for one night. What ensued was a debauched party, filled with celebrities, original Warhol photographs, naked dancers, Absolut Vodka-branded grocery store items, [probably fake] drugs, and much more. We took the opportunity to talk to Area co-founders Eric Goode and Serge Becker about nightlife then and now, and their favorite things about Area. Click through to see what they said, and get a look at all the antics and festivities from the event!

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[Cover photos via BFA]